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Al Pacino

Alice Cooper

Amanda Seyfried

Amy Winehouse

Angelina Jolie

Anna Wintour


Bill Clinton

Boris Becker

Brad Pitt

Bradley Cooper

Britney Spears

Bruce Springsteen

Calvin Harris

Cara Delevingne

Charles Prince of Wales,_Prince_of_Wales

Cheryl Cole

Clint Eastwood

Daniel Radcliffe

David Beckham

David Cameron

David Walliams

Elle McPherson

Emma Watson

Eva Longoria

George Clooney

George Michael

Georgia May Jagger

Gordon Ramsay

Guy Ritchie

Gwen Stefani

Gwyneth Paltro

Harry Styles

Heidi Klum

Helena Bonham Carter

Hugh Grant

James Blunt

Jamie Foxx

Jay Z

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lopez

Jessica Alba

Jonny Depp

Kanye West

Kate Middleton,_Duchess_of_Cambridge

Kate Moss

Kate Winslet

Kelly Osbourne

Kevin Spacey

Kiefer Sutherland

Kim Kardashian

Kylie Minogue

Lady Gaga

Lara Stone

Leonardo DiCaprio

Lindsay Lohan

Liv Tyler

Elizabeth Jaggar


Mariah Carey

Mel Gibson

Mick Jagger

Mischa Barton

Naomi Campbell

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Scherzinger

Nigella Lawson

Orlando Bloom

Paris Hilton

Pierce Brosnan

Pippa Middleton

Pixie Lott

Princess Beatrice

Prince Harry

Prince William,_Duke_of_Cambridge

Richard Branson


Rita Ora

Robert de Niro

Robert Pattinson

Ronan Keating

Sadie Frost

Salma Hayek

Samantha Cameron

Samuel L Jackson


Sienna Miller

Simon Cowell

Sir Anthony Hopkins

Sir Elton John

Stella McCartney

Stephen Fry

Taylor Swift

The Rolling Stones

Tim Burton

Tom Cruise

Tom Hanks

Tom Hardy

Usain Bolt

Victoria Beckham

Will Smith

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London Celebrity Map

See where the stars eat, shop and relax

Welcome to the Home From Home London Celebrity Map.

Home from Home London MapHave you ever wondered where the hot spots in a city are? The places that the A-list celebrities visit? Well now you can use our virtual map and street view to whizz around London looking at the places in the city that the stars love most.

Maybe you’d like to know where Bruce Springsteen and Prince Charles have both visited? Or perhaps which pub David Beckham and Tom Cruise had a pint? If so, simply click on the celebrity’s name and be transported around London – use the ‘Show Venue’ tab in the top left of the map to then view the venue in street view – all from your armchair!

Who are Home from Home?

For over 20 years Home from Home have been offering visitors to London self-catering vacation apartments to rent. And we know that visitors to the city love to come prepared with an idea of where the ‘in’ places are. So we wanted to share with visitors to London where the A-list celebrities have visited. That means if you are booking a short term rental with us, or in fact any kind of trip to London, you can easily find (and look at) the celebrity hot spots with just a few clicks. But we also like to think that even if you’re not visiting London you can still experience the best parts of the city that the celebs have enjoyed too – from Kensington to Chelsea to Covent Garden and Knotting Hill – all via our celebrity map.

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