A Guide To The Maltby Street Market in London For First-Time Visitors

Posted by admin on 2018-10-25

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Exotic flavors. Amazing aromatics. Bustling streets. Unique finds. This is exactly what you can expect to find at the famous Maltby Street Market.

A true London gem, this busy weekend market is ideal for travelers seeking a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. The outdoor market boasts gourmet street food, fresh produce, and an eclectic variety of local bars, making it a top destination for adventurers. The market is unadvertised — but the secret is out!

Though the market is an absolute ‘must’ for visitors seeking a fun and unique food experience, there are a few things you should know before you go — and we’re here to help!

Enjoy our Maltby Street Market Guide for a complete list of everything you need to know about London’s favorite market.

Maltby Street Market Location

Conveniently located on the south end of the Tower Bridge, the Maltby Street Market is located along — you guessed it — Maltby Street. The market is incredibly easy to access and is hard to miss once you cross the bridge. The area is completely walkable and cannot be explored via a street vehicle.

The official market address is:

Maltby Street, London SE1 3PA, UK

Maltby Street Market Hours

A weekend-only affair, the Maltby Street Market is packed from open to close. The market is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sundays, with limited special event hours on Fridays from 4 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. For the best experience, plan to head to the market early and stick around for a few hours exploring.

Maltby Street Market History & Experience

The Maltby Street Market is the creation of the innovative entrepreneurs at LASSCO, a well-known London interior design and furniture company, which also happens to call Maltby Street home. Opening its doors in 2010, the market is now home to an eclectic array of seasonal and permanent purveyors, many of which grow their roots at the market and then spread their wings to bigger venues throughout the city. The understated neighborhood is probably the last place one would expect to find a world-class food emporium. However, visitors are always pleasantly surprised at what awaits.

The market itself is fairly limited in space, with vendors and pop-up shops closely lining the street. The market winds through railway arches, which provide an interesting architectural effect. 31 purveyors currently call the market home, though that number could vary seasonally. From handmade jams and nut butters and boutique wines to succulent street food and creative culinary concoctions, there’s truly something for every taste or budget at the market.

Be prepared for a crowd, as this weekend-only market attracts a healthy crowd of visitors and locals. Also, bring a basket or bag in case you find a few goodies. Although many choose to simply peruse the market and take in the exciting sights and sounds, it is also easy to stock up on snacks and souvenirs.

Maltby Street Market ‘Musts’

The moment you’ve been waiting for — our Maltby Market food guide! Though all 30+ purveyors offer mouthwatering cuisine, it would be nearly impossible to visit them all in one trip. Here’s a quick list of our favorite Maltby Street vendors — let us know what you think!

African Volcano

Spice up your life with a trip to African Volcano. The culinary genius behind this vendor is Master Chef Grand Hawthorne, who uses authentic Mozambique recipes to concoct his award-winning peri peri sauces, marinades, and seasonings. The seasonings are incredibly flavorful and versatile and are available for purchase at the market. Curious about what you can do with the product? Don’t worry — you can sample signature recipes at the booth and then take home your favorite. Popular items include the African Volcano burger, a unique bloody mary recipe, and the famous peri peri prawns.


The Cheese Truck

Need we say more? The cheese truck is warm, gooey heaven on wheels. With a tasty selection of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, The Cheese Truck is a favorite among visitors of any age. Popular cheesy creations include ‘goat cheese, honey, walnut and rosemary butter’, ‘queso chihuahua cheese, spicy chorizo and rocket’, and ‘stilton, bacon and pear chutney’. How’s that for an adult sandwich?


Waffle On

Waffle On is breaking down breakfast barriers with their sweet and savory snacks. The creative concoctions at this Maltby Street Market vendor put Eggos to shame with their award-winning recipes. Curious about what makes these waffles not just another vessel for syrup? Try fresh, locally sourced ingredients and unexpected flavors, like the ‘fig, goat cheese, and blueberry waffle’. Do we have your attention yet? Wander over to Waffle On for a unique treat!


Sub Cult

Sandwiches with style — that’s exactly what you’ll find at Sub Cult, an edgy and eclectic sandwich shop. The purveyor offers award-winning US deli-style subs and sandwich-inspired creations that have won the hearts of visitors and locals alike. Menu items include the famous patty melt, the ‘sub-terranean’ — a seasonal Vegan selection, and unique specialty items like the fried sloppy joe balls. There’s no better place in London for a signature sandwich!

Herman Ze German

If you’re looking for the best ‘wurst’ in town, look no farther than Herman Ze German. True to their roots, all sausages are handmade by a butcher named Fritz in Germany. All sausages are made with locally sourced ingredients and contain no additives, making them a much healthier (and tastier!) alternative to traditional American sausages and ‘dogs. Great for a grab-n-go meal, visitors can choose their sausage, toppings, roll, and a side. Herman also offers other traditional German favorites like currywurst and schnitzel.

Shoal Food

Shoal Food… it’s seafood for the soul. Not only is the cuisine at Shoal Food delicious, but it is also made from sustainable resources and locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, a true recipe for guilt-free dining. Menu items offer creative takes on classics like seafood po’boys and fried fish sammies, seafood tacos, handmade crab cakes, and a UK essential — fish ‘n chips.

Dhan Waffle

It might seem redundant to include two waffle purveyors on our list, but trust us when we say these aren’t your father’s waffles. An exotic twist on this traditional American breakfast staple, Dhan ‘waffles’ are inspired by the traditional Taiwan street food. The curious, egg-shaped delicacy is actually sweet fried dough that is crispy on the outside and warm and soft on the inside. These sweet street treats are cooked to order and then served with your choice of topping, which include selections like salted caramel, Taiwanese honey, Nutella, and vanilla custard. Your new favorite splurge awaits at Dhan Waffle!


A new London street food is sweeping the city and you won’t want to miss out on the action. Beefsteaks concept is simple — affordable, flavorful street food that people actually want to eat. The menu currently offers three items: the butcher’s steak sandwich, steak frites, and triple cooked chips. We recommend one of each — seriously. If you had to choose only one, the steak frites is a winner, with grilled and sliced steak served on a bed of piping hot fries topped with your choice of sauce. Can you say heaven in a bowl? Stop by this popular purveyor for a one-of-a-kind market treat!

Little Bird Gin

Shoppers seeking a local purveyor of tasty adult beverages are in luck — Little Bird Gin calls the Maltby Street Market home. Creators of classic ‘London dry gin’, Little Bird was born out of a passion for distilling and plenty of trial and error. The final product describes subtle notes of pink grapefruit, sweet orange pool, and fresh ginger. Little Bird is created and sold in the heart of south London at a distillery in the Peckham Rye neighborhood and is the perfect souvenir or gift for craft cocktail connoisseurs.

Hiver Beers

Quench your thirst with a sweet and savory beverage from Hiver Beer. Locally owned and operated, Hiver beer specializes in honey beer, which is offered in several popular varieties. Each beer is fermented with local honey sourced from urban beekeepers throughout the city. Currently, Hiver is serving their classic ‘Honey Beer’, which offers a dry, crisp, refreshing flavor profile and the new ‘Honey Ale’, which is made with heartier honeys for a darker, roasted taste. Stop by and see what all the buzz is about!

Craft Coffee

Need a little pick-me-up during your Maltby Street Market explorations? If so, swing by Craft Coffee for a quick dose of caffeine. Craft specializes in espresso with some of the best brews in the city, though guests can also treat themselves to other coffee creations, like a latte or cappuccino. If you fall in love with your cup o’ joe, just snag a bag to-go as a signature market souvenir.  


Stella Says

The Maltby Street Market offers more than just amazing street food (though that is the main draw). Stella Says, an artisan apothecary, offers handmade bath and body, grooming, and home fragrance items that will knock your socks off. Each item is created via small batches with natural and ethical ingredients and minimal packaging and production. The result is high-quality, no-frills products that are free of parabens, paraffin, and essentially every other chemical preservative or additive. Stella Says is the perfect place to stock up on guilt-free balms, candles, essential oils, and more.

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