London Hotel

Forget about expensive hotels in London, book a Home From Home apartment and experience high quality executive accommodation in London.

Hotels in London can cost a small fortune, especially when extras and taxes are considered. While apartment prices vary, based on time of year, location and other factors, our customers can save 30 to 40 percent of the cost of an expensive hotel in London, even taking into account London hotel discounts!

London hotels fail to deliver in terms of privacy and comfort that a Home From Home apartment offers. When you compare a cramped hotel in London to one of our roomy fully furnished apartments, the choice becomes an easy one. In terms of price Central London hotels cannot compete with an apartment. Even the best hotel deals in London are not in line with the prices available for a luxurious central London apartment.

When it comes to business hotels in London, the same situation arises, where it makes more sense to rent an apartment with all the added benefits of privacy and comfort. You will have all the comforts of a home with hotel-style amenities at a lower nightly cost, including fully stocked kitchens, linens and towels, cable TV, telephone, answering machine, internet access, laundry facilities and more.

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