Spotlighting The Best Board Game Cafes In London

Posted by admin on 2018-07-03

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Are you on a quest to find the hottest new entertainment crazy in London? If so, a trip to a board game cafe is just what the doctor ordered (assuming you start with ‘Operation’).

A recent trend, board game cafes are just what they sound like – bustling bars stocked with all of your favorite board games. Ideal for a romantic night out or, preferably, a rousing evening on the town, board game cafes are popular destinations for couples and groups.

Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Rather, head directly to one of these popular game cafes:



With well over 800 games on hand, Draughts is London’s premier board game destination. This gamer staple rose to stardom from humble beginnings after a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014. This marked the first of many cafes of the sort, though Draughts is still the largest and most busy franchise, now boasting two London locations (Hackney and Waterloo).

The extensive game menu includes all of your classic childhood favorites, in addition to obscure and hard to find games. The food menu is almost as diverse as the game menu, with an eclectic variety of bar snacks, small plates, and boards for sharing. Visitors can also sip on everything from craft beer and cider to creative cocktails, like the ‘Cargo Noir’ Espresso Martini.

Draughts is London’s most well-known board game cafe, so consider reserving a table in advance to be sure you get a spot. You can also check their events calendar to scope out competitions and special events.

Library Pot


Fans of fantasy and adventure will enjoy the casual and colorful atmosphere offered at Library Pot. This board game hot spot attracts all walks of life with an impressive game library (500+ games), lively special events, and a mouthwatering pub menu.

Library Pot is a great place to visit for a laid-back, casual experience. The cafe encourages guests to sit, stay, and play – even after the food and drinks are gone. They embrace the game lifestyle and often host tournaments and competitions that pack the house for several hours at a time. And, for an added element of fun, visitors are encouraged to try on a few costume items – or to bring their own costume!

The food menu was designed for all tastes with a variety of small plates, entrees, snacks, shareables, and desserts. Library Pot also offers options for visitors that are vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. And, while they do offer a generous food, wine, and cocktail list, the drink list also includes an extensive hot tea selection.



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Though London offers several traditional board game cafes, Scenario is the only cafe to fully embrace the theme with game-centric cocktails. Offering an eclectic, retro vibe, Scenario is the place to be for a low-key game night. Their game library offers more than 100 well-known board games in addition to several modern and nostalgic game consoles, with everything from Xbox and PlayStation 4 to Sega and Nintendo. How’s that for a blast from the past?

Of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to Scenario without indulging in a themed cocktail. The tongue-in-cheek drink list pleases the palate with playful puns like ‘Skyrum’, ‘Assassin’s Mead’, and ‘World of Barcraft’. Scenario also offers plenty of beer and wine as well if that’s more your speed.

The bar offers two floors with two separate vibes. The top floor is perfect for casual gamers that want to kick back, enjoy a cocktail, and play socially. The bottom floor is better for group games and console playing.

Plan Your London Day Out In These Cafes

A few things to keep in mind when visiting a board game cafe during your London adventure:

  1. Do Your Research – Each cafe offers a completely different vibe, so unless you’re willing to roll the dice on a new experience (which can be fun!), do a little research in advance. Some locations, like Draughts, are loud, crowded, and full of energy, while other cafes offer a more casual and less active atmosphere.
  2. Make A Reservation – Board game cafes are all the rage these days, and popular hot spots are likely to be busy, especially during weekends and special events. If possible, make a reservation to guarantee you’ll have a spot to play!
  3. Cover Charge – Most cafes charge a minimal cover charge to enter. The standard price is 5 Pounds per person, which isn’t a huge concern for most visitors, but be prepared to pay to play.
  4. Family Hours – If you are traveling with minors, be sure to check the rules at your cafe of choice. Some locations are kid-friendly during the day, while others are strictly 21+.

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