Unique & Amazing Historical Places in London You Should Visit

Posted by admin on 2018-06-21

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Unique & Amazing Historical Places in London You Should Visit

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As one of the UK’s oldest and most populous cities, London offers a vibrant history that is easily found and celebrated through local architecture, cuisine, entertainment, and attractions. The bustling city offers a wide variety of historic landmarks and attractions for history buffs and neophytes alike, with plenty to entertain visitors of all ages and groups of any size.

If you’re looking to absorb a bit of history and perhaps even have a little fun during the process, pencil in a few of these popular historic London attractions:

Charles Dickens Museum

Book-worms from around the globe flock to this popular historic home. Situated in the charming borough of Camden, among the very streets that inspired many famous novels, the Charles Dickens Museum is the only residence of the author that is still open to the public. Visitors can enjoy a lively tour of the home and learn all about Charles Dickens’ life and inspirations.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Anyone familiar with Princess Diana will likely recognize this famous London church; it hosted her illustrious royal wedding in 1981. Extraordinary architecture and impressive acoustics make this a ‘must’ for fans of religious history. Visitors are invited to join a worship service or simply tour the picturesque cathedral to learn about the history and work of the church.

Tower Bridge Exhibition

This London bridge is certainly not falling down! Engineering and architecture geeks will feel right at home at the Tower Bridge Exhibition. As one of the world’s most recognizable structures, this stunning bridge is hard to miss. The exhibition features historical displays, a behind-the-scenes look at the bridge construction, and stunning views of the surrounding London area.

Buckingham Palace

Perhaps the most notable historic attraction in all of the United Kingdom, Buckingham Palace is situated in the heart of London, nestled among charming gardens and a surprisingly quaint backdrop in the otherwise bustling city. The royal palace is home to – you guessed it – the royal family. As one of the few remaining working royal residences in the world, Buckingham Palace offers a fascinating glimpse into London’s past, present, and future affairs. Visitors are invited to tour sections of the palace for 10 weeks in the summer and on select dates in the winter and spring.

Note: The London area is also home to several other notable palaces, each of which offers a unique perspective on London’s royal history. Lambeth Palace, Kensington Palace, Hampton Court Palace, Windsor Castle, and Elham Palace should all be on your radar if royal residences are a particular area of interest.

Abbey Road Studios

This small, homey studio is most well-known for being the place of humble beginnings for a UK-native band called The Beatles. Ever heard of them? If so, you might know some of the other notable artists that have called this recorded in this studio, like Pink Floyd and Adele. Sarcasm aside, this now famous recording studio has produced some of the world’s most celebrated artists and is a ‘must see’ historical attraction for music buffs.

Churchill War Rooms

Located near the serene St. James Park, the famed Churchill War Rooms offers anything but a peaceful history. This hidden gem was the secret location of Winston Churchill’s direction of the Second World War. Museum guests will dive head-first into the fascinating history and politics of one of the world’s largest historical events and learn about the man that ran London’s war presence.

Tower of London

The Tower of London offers one of this city’s most fascinating stories. The impressive castle served several uses – a secure fortress during times of war, a royal palace during times of peace, and even an infamous prison, hosting the one and only Anne Boleyn prior to her execution. The historic venue is open to the public for historic tours and hosts a variety of lively events throughout the year.

Big Ben

Another highly recognizable London icon, Big Ben is attached to the famous House of Parliament. Unbeknown to many, Big Ben’s technical moniker is ‘Elizabeth Tower’. Big Ben actually refers to the massive bell hidden inside the clock tower. Visitors can book a free one-hour tour of the Parliament building and the Elizabeth Tower during the week. And, it wouldn’t be a trip to London without a portrait in front of the famous Benjamin.

Piccadilly Circus

Unlike the name suggests, Piccadilly Circus is, oddly enough, not a circus at all. This historic area of London is actually an intersection and public space along London’s famous West End. The name is derived from the Latin word for ‘circle’, which describes the round open space at the expansive street junction. The intersection connects several of London’s busiest intersections and is reminiscent of Times Square in New York City.

HMS Belfast

Another bucket list item for war history enthusiasts, the HMS Belfast is the most significant surviving warship from the Second World War. A Royal Navy ship, the Belfast began its career in 1938 and played an important role in several World War II battles, including the Battle of North Cape. Ship tours are offered daily from 10 am – 6 pm, which takes guests through all nine decks of the impressive vessel.

Royal Observatory

How would you like to be the center of the world – literally? The Royal Observatory offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience – to stand on the one and only Prime Meridian Line. This historic market separates east from west and is the ideal spot for an impromptu picture. The Royal Observatory offers several other unique exhibits that explore the history of space and time, with presentations on the history of ‘Greenwich Mean Time’ (GMT), and a full planetarium.

Westminster Abbey

Not to be confused with the popular TV show ‘Downton Abbey’, Westminster Abbey enjoys similar recognition around the world. This historic hall serves as an active royal church with daily services that are open to the public. The ornately decorated chapel has been in service for over 1,000 years and boasts almost 32,000 square feet of space. Visitors are invited to enjoy a worship service or to enjoy any of the many educational and research events that are hosted quite frequently.

Benjamin Franklin House

Despite his significant impact on American history, the one remaining residence of Benjamin Franklin actually resides in the heart of London. Dr. Franklin called London home for over 15 years towards the end of his life. Today, his home is open for visitors and fully staffed with a well-informed and enthusiastic staff that is excited to share this historic experience with you.

Royal Opera House

Art enthusiasts would be remiss without a visit to the Royal Opera House. The Opera House, as we know it today, was constructed in 1858, though the tradition of The Royal Opera dates back almost 300 years. The famed opera has a long-standing history of performing for the ‘who’s who’ of London and has hosted some of the most notable performers in the world. Visitors are invited to enjoy any of the 150+ performance per year.

British Museum

It doesn’t get more British than this. London visitors seeking a more traditional museum experience will appreciate the vast collection of historical artifacts housed at the British Museum. Open daily, this museum is also free to the public and offers a diverse array of collections and exhibits that explore London’s rich history and culture. Visitors can take a quick trip and scan the most popular galleries or spend an entire day immersed in British history.

Wellington Arch

Situated in the center of the scenic Hyde Park corner, the Wellington Arch was originally constructed to serve as the entrance to Buckingham Palace. Later, the arch served as the victory spot proclaiming Wellington’s ultimate defeat of Napoleon. The arch boasts being the largest bronze sculpture in all of Europe and is truly a site to be seen. Be sure to stop by this historic landmark during your tour of London’s royal gardens.

Museum of London

Immerse yourself in everything London at the aptly named Museum of London. This interactive and colorful experience takes visitors through the complete history of London, from pre-historic times to the bustling modern-day city. The museum features an eclectic mix of permanent galleries combined with exciting rotating exhibits. This is the perfect attraction for visitors interested in learning more about the great city they are visiting!

Historic London Neighborhoods

If a scenic stroll is more your speed, enjoy a short visit to one of London’s many historic neighborhoods. Each area offers a rich history and a unique feel. Tourism favorites include Notting Hill, Greenwich, Hampstead, and Camden Town – to name a few. Peruse local shops, grab a bite at a charming local cafe, and explore the local music and entertainment scene to get a feel for these endearing local gems.

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